Why Page Plus

Why Page Plus

Top Prepaid Benefits #1 – Simple

Prepaid plans are easy to start with no contracts to sign and no commitments.  It puts you in charge of your usage by paying only for what you use.  Your expenses will only increase if you use more you don’t pay for services that you don’t use.

Top Prepaid Benefits #2 – Smart

Prepaid plans are smart because it is easy to add more to your account through PINs and you keep your minutes unless they are used.  Customer service is straightforward and knowledgable.  In addition, you enjoy convenient reliable service without committing to a long contract.

Top Prepaid Benefits #3 – Convenient

You only need to replenish once every 120 days to keep your line active.  This means you could enjoy wireless service at a very affordable rate.  If you use all of your minutes or your balance reaches zero you simply add more to your account instead of experiencing high overage costs.


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