Can I Use My Own Phone?

Will my existing phone work on Page Plus?

Short Answer: Depends on what carrier that phone is made for, and the current configuration of that phone.

Can I use a OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER device on Page Plus Cellular?

Most OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER devices should work fine on Page Plus, however, you cannot use a retail-packaged prepaid device that you purchased in a retail store (Walmart, etc.) Your device must have a clear/clean ESN.

Can I use a device I purchased in Walmart, Target, etc.?

You cannot use a retail packaged prepaid device on the Page Plus network. Unfortunately, you cannot use any device that you purchased in a retail box store such as Walmart or Target on the Page Plus network.

Can I use a Sprint, Cricket, US Cellular or other CDMA device on Page Plus?

Unfortunately not easily. Any CDMA device is POSSIBLE to be used on Page Plus, however, you must know how to install your own signal PRL file on the device so that it knows how to pickup the Page Plus towers & signal. Without that file, the device will not work.

Also, any of these devices, such as Sprint, etc., will need to be manually programmed. Over-The-Air Programming will not work on these devices, so you will need to know how to do manual programming on your device. We have some tips on how to do manual programming here, but it’s not for the faint of heart!

Also, even if you get one of these devices to work on Page Plus, it will ONLY work with TALK and basic SMS Text messaging. Possibly. No picture messaging, no web, and no other data functions.

Can I use a non-OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER device on Page Plus Cellular?

It can be done, but it’s not easy. Let us explain a bit.

First, you could do it yourself, by manually programming it. This requires a data cable, some software, and some technical knowledge. You will need to manually install a Page Plus PRL file, as well as manually change the MDN, MIN and SID settings inside the phone. This will make TALK and TEXT work ONLY. NO Web or Data or Picture Messaging.

Other than that, it is VERY tricky and COMPLICATED to make Web, Data & Picture/Video messaging work on a non-OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER phone. We do not assist with anything in that matter. You can view more on this at this link.

Will the Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Eris or HTC Incredible work on Page Plus Cellular?

YES, these devices WILL work with Page Plus, however, the following needs to be kept in mind:

1. The device must have a CLEAR/CLEAN ESN. Which means, you should get an ESN Check here on our website to make sure it will work with Page Plus Cellular.

2. The device must be an original OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER device – with OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER software. Any other kind of device will require MANUAL programming, which can be very complex. We do not assist with manual programming of any kind.

3. Neither Page Plus, nor page plus phone, will guarantee that your device will have full 100% web or data functionality on Page Plus. They usually work fine with web, data, and picture messaging, right out of the box, but we cannot guarantee that.

4. Neither Page Plus, nor page plus phone, will assist with technical support on a device that is not Page Plus Approved/Authorized, or that we did not sell to you.

Why should I buy a Page Plus Approved Phone, instead of using my own?

If you bring your own phone onto the network, YOU are responsible for ALL of your own support. Page Plus will NOT assist, in anyway, if your device does not work correctly with their network. If you ever have trouble placing/receiving calls, using messaging, or access your web browser, Page Plus will NOT assist you if you are using your own device. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE 100%.

If you are using a Page Plus Approved Phone, if you ever encounter a problem with your phone, Page Plus will not turn you away for support. They will provide support for your device. This is important. Page Plus offers an enormous value with the low cost of the service, don’t forget about the support you might need down the road for your device.

Don’t be one of those folks who spends HOURS scouring the forums to research HOW to make the web, picture messaging or other data components work on your phone! SUPPORT and GUARANTEES come at a price. And we stand behind our products, 110%.

Approved (Page Plus supplied) handsets are supported by Page Plus for technical support, and are covered under warranty. In addition, approved handsets undergo extensive quality testing and configuration to ensure that all the capable functionality (WAP, BREW, etc.) is working properly. Phones purchased from sources other than Page Plus, even though they may be the same models, are not guaranteed to have full functionality, i.e. they may work for voice and text only, but not for data or MMS.

“Are Refurbished Phones Any Good?”

This question was asked on a popular online forum and, frankly, we were surprised that the question even came up. Based on the extremely low defect/return rate of our handsets, we assumed there was a high confidence level. But it made us think, do dealers wonder about this too? So it’s worth mentioning a few facts that we generally assume dealers already know.

Our refurbished handsets undergo a series of quality control checks during two stages of the fulfillment process – when they are first received in, and before they are shipped out. If a handset fails the checks at either stage, it is not used for fulfillment.

The quality control inspection process involves a checklist of 50 individual items, across three major categories – functionality, configuration and cosmetic. If a handset does not meet our high quality standards for any of the criteria, across all three categories, it does not leave the building. Every handset we ship out is tested to be fully functional, properly configured, and cosmetically excellent. So yes, our refurbished phones are very good!

Warranties: New & Refurbished Handsets

Some potential customers have said that they would never buy a refurbished phone because it doesn’t have a warranty. This is a misconception that is simply not true, and customers just need to be educated.

Warranty information is included in Page Plus handset packaging, as well as in the Terms and Conditions listed on our website. Specifically, our warranty for refurbished handsets can be found here, and warranty information for new Kyocera handsets can be found here.

The bottom line is, we stand behind our phones. If a customer has a legitimate claim and simply follows the warranty claim procedure, we will make every effort possible to make it right with the customer 100% of the time.