Page Plus Customer Reviews

Page Plus Cellular is committed to providing exceptional nationwide coverage while offering low rates, flexible plans and superior customer service. Our prepaid cellular phones and plans require no contracts and no credit checks, so it’s easy for you to get the cell phone service you need at a price you can afford.

All of our prepaid cell phone plans are straightforward, easy to understand and convenient to use. You never have to worry about “bill shock” and the additional taxes and fees that can occur with traditional post-paid plans. You only pay for the minutes, messaging and data transfer services you need – it’s that simple.

Read below to see what real customers are saying about our prepaid cell phone service. If you have any questions or would like additional information, contact us today!

See What Real Customers Are Saying about Page Plus Cellular

On Facebook:

  • Krista K. from Jackson, TN: I’ve been with other cell service providers, and I can honestly say, Page Plus by far is the best! I have now switched my mom, daughter, two brothers, nephew, and several friends over from other companies, and they all say the same as well. I will NEVER go to another Cell provider… Page Plus has excellent coverage and the price of my bill is so good… I almost feel like I am cheating someone, it’s so low! I did call today to help another friend switch over, and it only took us about 15 minutes to process the whole order… The wait time has really improved… Thanks again!

On Twitter:

  • Lauren: Super excited about my @pageplus phone that arrived yesterday. All part of my grand plan to be contract free & save $1200 a year!

On Prepaid Reviews:

  • Paul: Wow! What a great deal at $30 per year for 300 minutes. That’s more than I need. I searched about 20 different plans before deciding on this one. I only need the phone for emergencies. This phone will cost me $30 for the entire year (Three 120 day $10 prepaids). And no activation fee. Best deal out there by far !!! Also, customer service was great via email, as was payment processing for my first $10 of usage and the FREE activation.
  • John: I’ve used page plus cellular for nearly 3 years, and I’ve never had any problem at all. In fact, just purchased a new (refurb-but new to me) so far -excellent. Their basic plan suits my needs, between the low cost per minute and the coverage is perfect for my area. Dealing with customer service has never been an issue either. I’ve never waited more than 5-10 minutes max.
  • Trina: I was on ATT services for about a 2 yr contract with 2 phones. My bill was over $130.00 a month and that’s if my daughter didn’t go over her minutes. We only had 700 minutes to share. I switched to PP after contract ended and now I pay $80.00 for 2 phones with unlimited services. No overage charges!! Love the savings. And I never lost service, no complaints here.
  • Jay: I have had Page plus for 1 year. No problems at all, and the unlimited plan is awesome. I have a Motorola Q phone with Internet access and I use it every day.

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