How Do I Start With Page Plus?

Step 1: Check to make sure you have coverage with Page Plus services.

The VERY first thing you want to do, before getting started on Page Plus, is to check our Coverage Map by clicking here to make sure you have GREEN coverage in your area. There is no sense in spending a lot of time learning about Page Plus if you do not get coverage in your area.

Please know that coverage maps, of any kind, are never 100% accurate. The best way to determine coverage in your area, and in the areas you travel, is to activate a phone and try it out with the free $2.00 credit we will give you for that new activation. Or to ask your friends, family or colleagues how their Page Plus coverage is in your area.

Step 2: Determine who you want to work with, and why.

As a consumer, you have the ultimate freedom to choose who you want to give your business to. Not every business is created equal. This is no different when it comes to Page Plus, and their network of dealers.

Option #1: You can work with Page Plus Cellular (Corporate Office) directly. You can reach them directly by calling 800-550-2436, or going to

Option #2: You can work with an offline, brick & mortar store, Page Plus Cellular Dealer. You can go to and click on the “Store Locator” link in the upper right hand corner of the website, to try to find a local store in your area. I will warn you, they are few and far between. Call ahead to make sure that brick & mortar store is actually still there, and servicing Page Plus Cellular, before taking the trip over!

Option #3: You can work with an online, internet-based, Page Plus Cellular Dealer. That’s us. There are other online dealers. Our reputation is known all across the internet, you’ll see us mentioned on many forums, blogs and Prepaid Cellular Review websites.

There are pros and cons to each option. We fall into this third option. We are an online dealer only. We do not have a brick & mortar store that you can walk into and get help. But, let me be clear, that has not stopped us from growing immensely and servicing many individual customers every single month via our website.

Step 3: You need a CDMA Phone to use on Page Plus Cellular.

Once you have made the decision that you want to be a Page Plus Cellular customer, you need to first get a CDMA Phone that you can use.

There is so much general confusion out there on the internet as to what types of phones can be used with Page Plus, so let’s start by saying what you CANNOT use on Page Plus currently.

You CANNOT use a retail-packaged prepaid device like you purchase in Walmart, Target, etc.
You CANNOT use any device that is blacklisted on the OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER Network.
You CANNOT use any AT&T, T-Mobile, or other GSM Network Device that takes a SIM Card.

You CAN use just about any other type of CDMA device. We highly recommend that you consider purchasing a Page Plus Approved/Authorized device. It is, by far, the easiest and most supported way to start using the Page Plus network. View our devices here.

You CAN use a pre-owned CDMA device that you purchase from another source, such as eBay or Craigslist. However, neither Kitty Wireless, nor Page Plus, will help you if you run into trouble with that device. Click Here to read our info on buying from eBay or Craigslist.

Please be advised that neither Kitty Wireless, nor Page Plus, can provide technical support on devices that we did not sell to you. If you brought your own device onto the network, be it a simple flip phone or an advanced smartphone device (such as an Android, Palm or Windows device), you are ALLOWED to use it but they are UNSUPPORTED. Meaning, we cannot provide any assistance with any of those devices on a technical level.

Can I use a Sprint, Boost, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, US Cellular, or other CDMA network device?

We get this question a lot. The truthful answer is YES, you probably can, however, the reality of the situation is that unless you are a real geek (and we do not mean that in a bad way!), the chances of you getting one of those other network CDMA devices to work on Page Plus are probably slim to none. It requires special computer software, and cables, to connect your phone to your computer, and program it/tweak it, to work with Page Plus.

For most people, this is not possible, nor a wise idea. 99.99% of our customers choose to either use a certified Verizon device (exclusions are mentioned above), or a genuine and approved Page Plus Cellular device.

We do offer an FREE ESN CHECK service that you can use anytime to determine if a device you are considering purchasing is CLEAR (not blacklisted) and can be used with the Page Plus Cellular Network. You can get an ESN Check from our Services Page by clicking here. Don’t purchase a phone from eBay, Craigslist, etc. without getting an ESN CHECK first! Protect yourself!

STEP 4: Make a decision – do you want a NEW NUMBER or do you want to PORT a number in from another carrier?

You need to decide if you are going to want a NEW PHONE NUMBER from Page Plus or if you want to PORT a phone number into Page Plus from another carrier. Either way, Kitty Wireless has you covered! New Activations & Port Requests can be done directly on our website!

Click Here to Start a New Activation – A New Activation will assign a NEW PHONE NUMBER to your device. A New Activation costs $19.99 to get a brand new phone number.

Click Here to Start a New Port Request – A New Port Request is used when you want to move a phone number from another carrier (such as OTHER NETWORK PROVIDER, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.) over to the Page Plus network. This process is ENTIRELY human-handled here at Kitty Wireless, to ensure accuracy. This service is free at Kitty Wireless.

(Just keep in mind how much money, over the long run, you will be saving with Page Plus! A small fee now will save you a TON of money later!)

We get this question a lot: “Can I setup a new account, with a new number, try it out for a month, and then port in my number from another carrier later?”

Yes, you can do that. However, please note that a MONTHLY PLAN is NOT transferable. Meaning, if you do a new activation, to get a new number, and you add a MONTHLY PLAN to that number, that plan is stuck on that number for the full month. So even if you decide to port your other number in after only one week of testing, once you port in that other number you will need to buy a totally new fresh plan for that ported-in number.

If you intend on doing a new activation, to get a new number, ONLY FOR TESTING purposes, we recommend that you ONLY add a one time $10.00 PIN to that new number for TESTING purposes. Any CASH left over from that $10.00 CAN be transferred to your newly ported in number, when that port occurs. But monthly plans are non-transferable, always.

When you port in your REAL number, our port request process will ask you for the number you are replacing on the Port Request Form, and you will give us the temporary number at that time.

PLEASE read the port process page so that you are informed & educated before proceeding. Please contact us by using this form if you have any questions before doing your port request.

TIP: Remember, every Page Plus number is a separate “account”. Meaning, Page Plus does not offer any sort of family plans at this time (as of 09/12/2011). So each account must be treated separately – each account has its own Class of Service (Standard, Monthly, etc.) and the rates/plans for one number do not impact the rates/plans for another number. Every phone number is unique in the billing system. No sharing, mixing, matching, or transfers, occur between numbers.

STEP 5: Figure how what your usage is, and which plan would best fit your needs.

Now this is where it tends to get a bit complicated. Once you have completed the above steps, it’s time to decide which plan you need for your account. In order to this, you need to answer these questions about your account:

1. How many minutes do I use per month?
2. How many text messages do I use per month?
3. How many megabytes of data will I need per month?

Four of our MOST POPULAR MONTHLY Plans are the:

$55.00/mo Unlimited Talk n Text Plan with Unlimited Minutes/Messages & 2000mb of data

$39.95/mo Unlimited Talk n Text Plan with Unlimited Minutes/Messages & 200MB of data

$29.95/mo Talk n Text 1200 Plan with 1200 Minutes, 3000 Messages & 250MB of data

$12.00/mo Talk n Text 250 Plan with 250 Minutes, 250 Messages & 10 mb of data.

You can find more information on these plans by clicking here.

Monthly plans, as noted above, do not have ANY “rollover” functionality. Anything that is left unused in the plan at the end of the month is deleted when the new month begins.

By far, our MOST popular plan is the Talk n Text 1200 plan. 80% of our customers fall within this usage range. If you are unsure which plan you should be in, we highly recommend starting out your first month on the $29.95 plan. The reason we say that is because the Talk n Text 1200 plan, for $29.95 per month, is the only Page Plus plan that will give you a “meter”, throughout the month, to show you EXACTLY how much of each item you are using – minutes, messages and data.

When you are on the Unlimited Plans – $39.95 or $55.00 per month – those plans will only show “Unlimited” for Minutes & Messages, and then they will show you a 200mb or 2000mb meter as well. But you will never have any true idea on how many minutes or messages you are using.

Of course, if you KNOW that you talk more than 40 minutes per day (incoming and outgoing calls), or that you use more than 100 text messages per day (incoming and outgoing), then the Unlimited Plans are probably a good option for you.

For the people who need just an emergency phone, or who use a VERY low number of minutes and messages, the Standard Pay As You Go Plan might fit your needs. The Standard Pay As You Go Plan is comprised of four types of “cash cards” and two addons. The cash cards come in values of $10, $25, $50 and $80. Each card gives you a certain per minute value, for a certain amount of time.

Standard Pay As You Go Plan ($10, $25, $50 or $80 only) accounts do have “rollover”. This means, for example, that if you have $8.00 left on your account, at the end of your cycle, and you add another PIN, the $8.00 will add onto what you just added, and you will have a cumulative amount for the entire new cycle. ONLY cash balances can accumulative over time.

You can find more information about the Standard Pay As You Go Plan by clicking here.

Once you have an idea how many of each of these three things that you need, we can help you determine which plan is best for you. If you contact us, by writing to, the first thing we are going to ask you is “What is your usage going to be like on this line?” and we will need answers to the above questions, before we can recommend a plan for you.

STEP 6: Purchase the One Time or AutoPay Version of the plan that you need on our website.

Ok, if you’ve made it this far, you probably have an idea as to which of the plans you want. Knowing what you need is the best place to start.

You’ve got your phone, it has a phone number, and you know which plan you need. Now it’s time to buy it. You have two choices. One Time Plans and Autopay Plans.

One Time PIN: A One-Time PIN Purchase will load a one time plan onto your account (monthly, 120 day or yearly). We can either deliver the PIN to you for you to add to your account, or we can add it to your cellular account for you, automatically, so that you never have to handle the PIN or applying it. 98% of our customers have us load the PINs for them.

All One Time PINs are processed directly through Since you are purchasing a “one time pin”, you will be responsible for coming back to our website to purchase your next “one time pin” when it is required for your account.

Monthly AutoPay PINs: An AutoPay PIN Purchase will cause us to load the plan onto your line once, to get it started, and then we will schedule it again in our system for every month, to keep your plan going without you needing to do a thing. We will charge your card, load your plan, make sure it gets processed properly, and double check it the morning of your renewal to make sure everything renewed as it should have.

We charge your card once per month, we load the PIN for you to your Page Plus Cellular Account, and you do not have to worry about it, EVER! Kitty AutoPay customers get other benefits, free of charge. Click Here to Read About Them.

120 Day AutoPay PIN: We charge your card once every 120 Days, we load the PIN for you to your Page Plus Cellular Account, and you do not have to worry about it, EVER! The Standard Plan ($10, $25, and $50) cards are good for up to 120 days. The Standard Plan $80 cards are technically good for up to 1 year, but we have many customers who add an $80.00 card once every 120 days, to accommodate their usage levels.

YEARLY AutoPay PIN: This classification of PIN is reserved ONLY for the $80.00 Standard Plan PIN. This PIN gives you $80.00 on your account which can be used for up to 2000 minutes.

With our support, you never, ever, ever, have to load, handle or manage the technicalities of a PIN Number, ever. We can handle 100% of the process for you, for free. No extra cost of surcharges to have us manage your PINs for you.


If you are COMPLETELY new to Page Plus, and want to test the area, test your phone, test everything, before committing completely to Page Plus, DO NOT add an $80.00 PIN to your line. Why? Because PINS are NON-REFUNDABLE under ANY circumstance. Once a dealer, or Page Plus, sells you a PIN, and those funds are added to your account, they are NON-REFUNDABLE, period. The same applies to monthly plans. Once a monthly plan has been added to a phone number, it is non-refundable, and cannot be moved to any other phone number.

If you are truly JUST TESTING Page Plus, please add a one time $10.00 PIN to TEST your service, before you commit to anything larger. This is for YOUR protection, so that you do not decide later that the service is not for you, and then lose what you added.

IMPORTANT CUSTOMER NOTICE: From time to time we find it necessary to remind everyone that Page Plus is a PREPAID Cellular Provider. All sales of Page Plus Plans, PINS & Cards are 100% non-refundable, and non-transferable.

Prepaid Minutes & Plans cannot be moved between phone numbers, and prorated credits & refunds are not given if you should ever decide to discontinue your service. This is no different than any other prepaid provider out there.

Once you have paid for your time, or minutes, it is 100% non-refundable, and non-transferable, under any circumstances, at all, ever, per Page Plus policy.

The One Time PIN or AutoPay PIN Ordering Process

When you place an order for a plan or minutes from our website, regardless of which plan or minutes you order, the ordering process will consist of three parts:

Step 1: Go to this page on our website. It lists all of the plans, in both one time and autopay versions. Add the item you wish to your shopping cart. Once it is there, hit the Check-Out button and proceed to the payment page. This page will ask for your name, address, email address, credit card information, etc. This page will also have two fields for phone numbers – please list your CONTACT/HOME Numbers on this payment page.

Step 2: After you have paid, you will be asked to complete a very brief One Time PIN or AutoPay Submission Form. This will ask you where you wish for us to apply your PIN numbers. We do not combine Step 1 and Step 2 because we want everything to be ultra clear during this process, and we do not want you, or us, to get confused on your intentions.

Step 3: If you are COMPLETELY 100% new to us, and have never ordered a PIN or AutoPay plan from us before, you will be asked to complete a 2 minute verification process. This process consists of a very simple online electronic signature through EchoSign, the industry leader in online signatures, and a very brief, less than 1 minute, phone call to our verification system.

Step 3 is only required on your very first order with us, because we take credit card fraud, and your identity, very seriously. Most of our customers applaud us for our efforts to eliminate fraud.

IF YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD is registered with Verified by Visa, or MasterCard Securecode, and you use that password during checkout, your ordering processing time, on your first order and all other orders, will be cut down incredibly. Click here to register your card with Visa, or click here to register your card with MasterCard, depending on the card type! This is optional, and not required.