Pay As You Go Plans

Page Plus Cellular is an amazing company, with amazing prepaid cellular service, nationwide!

Page Plus offers a variety of plans, one of which I am sure will meet your needs! This page is designed to give you an overview of the different plans available from Page Plus. You can click on the name of each plan, in blue, if you would like to read more details about that particular plan!

Kitty Wireless also offers the Kitty AutoPay program. This program is designed to take all of the hassle, frustration and complexity out of your Page Plus experience by letting us manage your Monthly, 120 Day or Yearly Renewals for you! We will charge your card, add your PIN, and let you know via email when we have done so! Read more about Kitty AutoPay by going here!

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  • Calling Features Included with Every Plan
  • Caller ID and Call Waiting
  • Free long distance within the US
  • Customizable voicemail
  • Text messaging (SMS) and media messaging (MMS)
  • Mobile web access (on supported devices)
  • Powered by the nation’s largest 3G network

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Each Page Plus plan is designed for a different “type” of cellular user. Let me explain.

First, it’s important that you know this: Every Page Plus account is split into two parts – a cash part and a plan part. The Standard Plan runs ONLY on the cash part, and the other plans run on the plan part. You can have a monthly plan, plus some cash in your cash account for things like overages, roaming, 411 calls, direct dialed international calls, etc.

The Standard Rate Plan, also known as the PAY AS YOU GO PLAN, is designed for the very light cellular user, who does not need a lot of anything, on a regular basis, but wants the security of knowing they have a cellular phone in case they need it. If you use LESS than 166 minutes per month, on average (taking into account all night, weekend, and mobile to mobile minutes you may have had on another carrier), the Standard Rate Plan would be perfect for you.

This plan, the Standard Rate Plan, can cost you as little as $10.00 every 120 days ($30.00 per year), or as much as $80.00 per year, for a basic plan. You can refill as needed, whenever you need more minutes. As you “use more” minutes, messages or data, and you notice your cost going up, you may wish, at some point, to go up to a monthly plan – but many customers find the freedom of PAY AS YOU GO to be liberating, and quite comfortable!

The Talk n Text 1200 Plan, for $29.95/mo, is by far, as of 11/27/2012, our most popular. This plan gives you a good amount of everything. 1200 Minutes, 3000 Messages and 250mb of data, with the lowest per megabyte overage rate if you need more than 250mb, of any of the plans. MOST of our customers find that 40 minutes per day, 100 messages per day, and 8mb of data per day, suits them just fine.

The Unlimited Talk n Text Plan, for $39.95/mo, is designed for the user who needs LOTS of minutes, and LOTS of text messages, but not many picture messages, and not much data. This plan comes with unlimited minutes, unlimited text messages, and 200mb of data which can be used for very, very, very light browsing (if your phone supports it) or very light picture messaging.

The 55 Plan, for $55.00/mo, is designed for the user who needs it all. This user would need LOTS of minutes, LOTS of text messages, and the most data of all of our plans – a whopping 2GB of data each month! If you use a lot of everything, this is the plan for you.

The 69.95 Plan, for $69.95/mo, is designed for the user who needs it all. This user would need LOTS of minutes, LOTS of text messages, and the most data of all of our plans – a whopping 5GB of data each month! If you are truly an internet power user, and like to stream videos and music often, this is the plan for you.