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A Discussion About Smartphones on Page Plus Cellular
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We get no less than 100-200 inquiries per week about whether smartphones can be used on Page Plus Cellular. As a result, we are writing this page to answer this question, and discuss this topic, once and for all. 🙂

We will update this page as often as we can.
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Yes, you can use a smartphone on Page Plus Cellular. It must:

1. Be an Android, Palm, Windows Mobile or Blackberry device that is 3G, NOT 4G. NONE of the new 4G SMARTPHONES, of any type, will work on Page Plus Cellular;

2. It must have a clear ESN – meaning, it cannot be blacklisted for being lost, stolen, or associated with an unpaid account on another network;

3. It CANNOT be a Sprint, US Cellular, Boost, Virgin Mobile, Cricket, AT&T, T-Mobile, Simple Mobile or any other type of device from any other network;

4. It MUST be a Page Plus smartphone or a smartphone from the network that Page Plus runs on (we cannot say the name here, but if you do not know what network Page Plus runs on, please ask around on and our community will tell you!)

This rule applies to all smartphone devices: They are 100% UNSUPPORTED. Meaning, if you bring your own device onto the Page Plus network, you are 100% responsible for providing your own technical support for that device. Neither Page Plus Cellular, nor Kitty Wireless, can provide technical support for devices that we did not sell to you.

Now that those basic qualifying criteria items are out of the way, let’s talk about smartphones.

Yes, there are thousands of people using smartphones on the Page Plus Cellular network. The catch to all of this is that data is a very premium thing on Page Plus – meaning, none of the plans come with A LOT of data. You have to be VERY careful how you use your 3G CELLULAR DATA while you are using your smartphone on the Page Plus network.

MANY people want a smartphone because they want the FEATURES that are on the smartphone – such as the calendar, music player, etc. And in this case, if you do not want to use DATA on your smartphone, but JUST want to use some of the features built into the smartphone, you could, in reality, ask Page Plus to TURN OFF data on your line, and use WI-FI only.

Smartphones are very complicated. They have so many advanced features, and there so many different types of smartphones on the market today, that is absolutely impossible for Page Plus Cellular, or a dealer such as Kitty Wireless, to provide technical support for them. Every smartphone has an operating system on it – and your smartphone may be running one particular version of an operating system, which may be a current version, or an older version. Every version of each operating system is slightly different than the others. So not only are smartphones complicated, they are made even more complicated by varying versions of the operating system.

So what is a person to do with such a complicated device, and with no technical support? Good question. We have a forums community called Kitty Forums – you can find it at – and on this forums site you will find hundreds of people who are also dealing with the same situation you are – they want to use an advanced device, on the Page Plus Network, primarily because they do not want to have to pay the additional data package prices on “those other carriers” that REQUIRE data plans. You are not alone. And that’s where our forums community comes into play.

We would recommend that you create free account on and spend at least 2-3 hours browsing and reading the forums there, to get a good understanding of what you are dealing with, before you dive in head first.

The reason those other providers are able to give you technical support on these devices is very simple – they charge you 100-300% more for their service, so they can afford to provide you with top-notch technicians and technical support people, on demand, because, guess what, you are paying for it – month after month. Even if you do not use their technical support services, you are paying for it – every month, forever.

Which Page Plus PLAN is best for a Smartphone?

Everyone wants to save money, right? Of course. And it would be wonderful to be able to save money at the same time as being able to use an advanced smartphone on a network without a required data package, agreed? Of course, you agree!

It can be done. You CAN use a smartphone on Page Plus, and put it on the Standard Pay As You Go Plan for as little as $10 every 120 days, or $80.00 per year, depending on your needs. However, please keep in mind that data is charged at 99 cents per megabyte on the Standard Pay As You Go Plan.

Why is this important? Please, please, please, please read this section!

Talk n Text 1200 with Page Plus comes with 1200 minutes, 3000 messages and 250mb of data, for just $29.95 per month – or less than $1.00 per day. But that same 250mb of data, on the Standard plan, would cost you almost $250 cash.

If you are not fully, 100%, certain that you know how to control the 3G CELLULAR DATA on your smartphone device, you should NOT put it on the Standard Pay As You Go plan. At all. Period.

We see customers every week who “feel confident” that they know how to control their 3G CELLULAR DATA, so they will go ahead and add an $80.00 PIN immediately to their smartphone. Then, a few days later, they email us frantically asking where their money went to, and I hate to say it, but we have to say “told you so.”

Even if you are ULTRA confident that you know how to control data on your fancy smartphone, why take the risk, at least during your first month? Add a ONE TIME Talk n Text 1200 PIN, which will give you 1200 minutes, 3000 messages and 250mb of data, for $29.95, and try it out for a month, on that plan. At the end of the month, look at your usages and see how much you really used. It will protect you during your first month of usage, while you are learning how to use your device. And then, after your first month, after you have learned by trial and error, learned from our forums community, then, if you are still confident, and your usages show you know how to control your data properly, THEN switch back to Pay As You Go, if you wish.

But, honestly, the $29.95 Talk n Text 1200 plan with 1200 minutes, 3000 messages and 250mb of data, and the $55.00 Unlimited Talk n Text plan with Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Messages, and 2000mb of data, are the best plans to put your smartphone on, for long-term usage.

Okay …. Let’s talk about the SPECIFIC types of Smartphones, and how they are different.


Android Smartphones are the preferred device for use on Page Plus Cellular.

Android smartphones are, by far, in our opinion, the preferred smartphone to use on the Page Plus network. They have an open source operating system, which is widely supported, and actually, quite easy to use.

You can buy a book on the Android OS in the bookstore, to learn more about it, and you will find that MOST of the members on our forums community site are very familiar with the Android devices.

Android smartphones CAN use a lot of data, if you are not familiar with how to turn your 3G CELLULAR DATA OFF and ON as you need it. We highly recommend using WIFI whenever possible, to avoid using your 3G CELLULAR DATA and, instead, saving your plan data for when you are not near a WIFI connection.

It is not possible for us to maintain a list of Android Devices that “work” on Page Plus Cellular, because there are so many of them out there. Ask around on for what other customers have experienced. We even have an “All Things Droid” specific subforum, here, for you to browse and use 🙂

Another great resource, if you are willing to pay for some assistance, is the Fast Start Android Service. For $49.99 they will help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, compete a whole series of beginner things on your Android device. We recommend getting a few of your family or friends together, who also need the same help, gathering around a speakerphone, paying for the service, and taking notes while you use this service, and are guided through certain setup things.

They CANNOT help you with your Page Plus plan, or your Page Plus billing, or anything to do with Page Plus… but once your device is WORKING on Page Plus, they can help you do the things listed on this page to get you started. Click here for more information on their service.

They also offer a “Secure My Smartphone for Android” service, which will help you keep your Android device secure.

Kitty Wireless is not affiliated with in anyway. We do not earn any money, any commission, or any reward, for telling you about their service.


We are the original author, and creator, of our Palm Pixi Plus Help Guide, which can be found here. When the Palm Pixi Plus devices started to become super popular in the prepaid market, we sat down and wrote a detailed guide on how to activate that device, and program it, on Page Plus.

The Palm OS devices, such as the Palm Pixi, Palm Pre, Palm Pre 2, Palm Pre Plus, etc., will work fine on Page Plus, so long as the basic criteria at the top of this page are met.

It is not possible for us to maintain a list of Palm Devices that “work” on Page Plus Cellular, because there are so many of them out there. Ask around on for what other customers have experienced.

We have seen thousands of customers purchase, activate & use the Palm Pixi Plus device (specifically) on Page Plus. We have an entire subforum over on dedicated to that device, and you will find lots of great help there.


The Windows Mobile devices, such as the Samsung Omnia i910, i920, Samsung Saga, HTC Ozone, HTC Touch Pro and Touch Pro 2, and other Windows Mobile devices, will work fine on Page Plus, so long as the basic criteria at the top of this page are met.

Windows Mobile devices generally work well with Talk, Text, Web, Picture Messaging, and other data related functions. If you are running a Windows Mobile Smartphone, please install this program called NODATA that will help you turn your cellular data ON and OFF as you wish. All you have to do is point your mobile web browser to this address:

….. and the file will install. This program, called NO DATA, will help you be able to turn your data ON and OFF easily on your Windows Mobile device, without searching through the settings on your device every time you wish to enable or disable your data.


Blackberry’s are a funny device, in many ways. First of all, Blackberry’s were made by RIM – Research In Motion – and they require a special data connection to the RIM Network to be able to use some of the proprietary software functions on the Blackberry – such as Blackberry Messenger and Blackberry Integrated E-Mail Services.

If you activate a Blackberry on Page Plus, and do nothing more than dial *22890 SEND to program it, your TALK and TEXT will likely work fine (just basic text messaging and voice). But your web, data, picture messaging, as well as anything else that uses data, will not work.

However, since Page Plus users are quite sophisticated and savvy, many have found ways to get their Blackberry’s to work on Page Plus, while avoiding using those proprietary applications and, instead, using third party public applications such as GMail, Google Talk, etc. for their applications on the device.

In order to get a Blackberry properly working on Page Plus, you will need to be a bit tech savvy. It requires a special piece of software, a special USB Cable to connection the phone to your computer, and the technical ability to reprogram your phone using special instructions, to get certain functions to work.

This procedure is not for the faint of heart. You can find instructions for this entire procedure on our forums, at this link provided here. We cannot assist with this procedure, but you will find free public assistance on our forums, if you post your questions there in a polite and orderly fashion.

How about using GPS on a Smartphone, on Page Plus?

Absolutely possible. We recommend an ANDROID Smartphone device for this. Now, if you use the built-in GPS mapping program, Google Maps, that program DOES use your 3G Cellular Plan Data, and at a pretty fast rate.

There are programs that you can purchase, on the Android Market, that will NOT use your 3G CELLULAR data, and will instead, download the maps to your local device, and navigate purely using stored local map information and true GPS satellite signals. One such program that is pretty popular is called Co-Pilot or Co-Pilot LIVE. Here is one link on our forums, and another link, where this is discussed.